Founder Peter Nguyen, a California native and law school graduate turned Hollywood fashion stylist and entrepreneur, always intrigued by the concept of beauty, was raised in a traditional Vietnamese family where respect, and the beauty and health of one's skin was deemed a reflection of one's own level of self-respect and dignity. His grandmother, a renowned Herbalist of Eastern and Traditional Chinese Medicine, who came from a lineage of renowned royal herbalists, instilled within him the wisdom that the external beauty and health of one's skin, is a precise reflection of one's internal health.

In college, he developed severe cystic acne which proved to be a very difficult period of his life. Through the trauma of his experience he embarked on a mission to cure himself of acne, through vigorous study under the guidance of his grandmother for natural herbal remedies, as well as studying the tenets of Western Holistic Herbalism and Aromatherapy, Medicine, Science and Esthetics. From that point on, the research and study of skin health, vitality and beauty in relation to internal health and external care and application became his lifelong journey.

In 2010, as an avid student, he delved deeply into the practices of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, eventually inspired to open an exclusive luxury yoga and meditation studio in West Hollywood in 2013. Through his own personal experience and witnessing powerful transformations of fellow yogis and patrons of his studio, he learned that through a disciplined practice of yoga and meditation, one can achieve internal balance and harmony within, which creates internal radiance that emanates through one's skin. 

The alchemy of his experiences and wisdom attained through a lifetime of disciplined study and research, has culminated in the creation of Recherche Beauté, which translates to "Research in Beauty" in French, and a career as an expert celebrity skin and beauty consultant to Hollywood's A-list, with the purpose in spreading awareness and consciousness that both internal and external self-care is the key to unlocking one's unique beauty and radiance that emanates from the inside out.